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Bradshaw’s Guide

Worcester to Hereford

Worcester and Hereford Railway

Leaving Worcester in a south westerly direction, a run of twenty-five minutes brings us, via the stations of Henwick, Bransford Road, and Malvern Link, to the important town of

Worcestershire : Great Malvern

A healthy, fashionable, and agreeable watering place, consisting of Great and Little Malvern, about four miles apart.

Colwall station.

Herefordshire : Ledbury

A place remarkable for its manufacture of rope twine, &c., also cider and perry. It stands on the banks of the Leddon, at the foot of the Malvern Hills, and has a fine old Norman Church with a beautiful window and spire.

Ashperton station.

Stoke Edith. — To the south of this lie Stoke Edith Park, seat of E. Foley, Esq., and Aconbury Hill, on the top of which are a Roman camp and traces of a priory.

Withington station.

Herefordshire : Hereford

Hereford, stands at a military Ford on the Wye, which King Harold protected by a castle, the site of which, at Castle Green, is now occupied by the Nelson Column.

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