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Bradshaw’s Guide

A descriptive guide to Bedfordshire

The surface, on the north and east, and in the fruitful vale of Bedford, is generally flat; but on the south-west, the chalk hills run to a considerable height, affording many line prospect—as, at Ampthill, Woburn, and Millbrook, which command an extent of 50 miles. The greatest part is enclosed, and an unproved system of agriculture has been adopted.

The farms average 200 acres, and let yearly. The stock of cattle is reckoned at 200,000, and the supply of wool, 4,250 packs. The only manufactures peculiar to the county are the pillow lace and straw plait.

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Featured places

  • Bedfordshire : Bedford

    The agricultural capital of Bedfordshire, 16 miles from Bletchley, at the terminus of a branch from the North Western line.