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Redruth, is a market town, in the county of Cornwall. It consists of one long street, from which branch several smaller ones. This town derives nearly all its importance from its central situation with respect to the neighbouring mines, the working of which has increased the population to treble its original number, as nearly all the commercial transactions of the miners are carried on here.

This town was probably the great focus of the Druidical rites of our British forefathers. Antiquaries pretend to discover every description of relic appertaining to that mysterious worship in this neighbourhood. Carnbrea Hill, however, crowned as its granite peaks are with its castles and other undoubted remains, an amphitheatre and an ancient camp near it, are interesting to a degree. The cliff scenery at Portreath (3 miles) is of a romantic character, the Gull Rock is a remarkable object. The hills in the vicinity are of considerable elevation.

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Places nearby

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    This town was formerly an important mail racket station. Below it are Pendennis Castle and St. Anthony’s Light, on the opposite sides of the entrance.

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    A little more than a mile to our left is Marazion, or Market Jew, of some importance in the middle ages as the place of resort for pilgrims proceeding to St. Michael’s Mount.

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    This flourishing port is at the farther end of Cornwall, on the west side of Mount’s Bay, at the terminus of the West Cornwall Railway.