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Bradshaw’s Guide


A market town, with a population of 7,057, who return two members, situated at the junction of the Cocker and Derwent. It contains manufactories of woollens, ginghams, hats, and stickings, tan-work, collieries, a public walk by the river, market place, three chapels, grammar school (with a good library), hospital, two bridges, St. Mary’s Church, rebuilt in 1850, situated on an eminence, with the Wordsworth (a native) memorial window, and ruins of a castle, consisting of walls, west front, drawbridge, tower, &c., which was dismantled in 1648, and help Mary, Queen of Scots as a prisoner in 1568. In the vicinity are the seat of Major Skelton (at which many Roman antiquities have been found), St. Helens, Rev. J. Bensom, and Woodhall, J. Fisher, Esq.

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