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Niton has an old church, a little inland from the road, to the right. The seat of Sir J. W. Gordon, Bart, is passed before you come to this turning. The Cripple Path, a crooked way up the cliff. A milkwoman was once blown over this cliff, and, though she fell 60 or 70 feet, was picked up unhurt, having been buoyed up by her clothes. To the left are Puckester Cove, Sandrock, St. Catherine’s Light, Pitland Landslip, only to be seen by following another path nearer the shore.

Distances of Places from Niton
To: Miles.
Black Gang Chine 2
Chale 2
Cripple Path, The ¼
Niton House ½
Old Castle, The 1
Pitland Land Slip
Puckester Cove Where Charles the Second landed in a Storm in 1675. 1
Sandrock Spring
St. Catharine’s Down 1
St. Catharine’s Point
St. Catharine’s Tower
Whitwell 1
Woolverton 1

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