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Bradshaw’s Guide


Near this is the old baronial seat, some say the kingly palace, of Westenhanger, once the residence of the ill-fated Fair Rosamond. The remains are probably of the period of Edward III., and but poorly represent their pristine grandeur. Two miles north is Monk’s Horton Priory, and a short distance beyond, Lyminge Church; two miles to the east, Beachborough Park, and three miles to the south-east is Hythe.

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Places nearby

  • Kent : Canterbury

    The appearance of Canterbury, from whatever part approached, is exquisitely beautiful, and as we enter, symbols of its antiquity stare us in the face everywhere.

  • Kent : Deal

    This town stands close to the sea shore, which is a bold and open beach, being defended from the violence of the waves by an extensive wall of stones and pebbles which the sea has thrown up.

  • Kent : Dover

    This much frequented point of continental embarkation has of late years occupied a prominent position among the watering-places of our island.