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Bradshaw’s Guide

A descriptive guide to Ireland

Featured places

  • County Dublin : Dublin

    Dublin, the capital of Ireland, and the second city of the British Islands, on the Liffey, near Dublin Bay, 60 miles from Holyhead, and 292 miles from London.

  • County Kerry : Killarney

    The Lakes of Killarney are three in number — the Upper, the Tore (or Middle), and the Lower; these, with their islands and other attractive objects, we shall briefly describe.

  • County Cork : Cork

    A city, port, and capital of county Cork, and Munster province, on the river Lee. It has a population of about 86,485, engaged in the glass, cutlery, and glove manufactories.

  • County Antrim : Belfast

    This is the great seat of the Irish linen trade, and the capital of Ulster, in Antrim county, at the mouth of the Lagan.

  • County Londonderry : Londonderry

    The capital town of the county, which contains a population of about 35,529. It stands on the western bank of the Foyle, and consists of four principal streets, which cross each other at right angles, and from which a number of smaller ones diverge.

  • County Galway : Galway

    The capital of County Galway, a parliamentary borough, has a population of about 23,195, and is a port in the west of Ireland, at the head of a fine bay.