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Bradshaw’s Guide

A descriptive guide to County Londonderry

The general appearance of this county, which returns two members, is mountainous and barren, but the soil in the taffies is very fertile. A range of mountains running from the northern coast, the whole length of the county, in a southern direction, forms the principal ridge in the county. This mountainous region consists of wild Alpine tracts, uplands covered with heath, and rough gravelly basaltic eminences. Londonderry is particularly rich in its mineral products, which if properly worked would give employment and opulence to its inhabitants.

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Featured places

  • County Londonderry : Londonderry

    The capital town of the county, which contains a population of about 35,529. It stands on the western bank of the Foyle, and consists of four principal streets, which cross each other at right angles, and from which a number of smaller ones diverge.