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Haverfordwest is a borough town in Pembrokeshire, South Wales. It stands on a western branch of the river Claddau, which at spring tides is navigable for vessels of a hundred tons burden, and for whose accommodation a number of convenient quays have been erected. The town is built on the steep declivity of a hill, and presents a very picturesque appearance, as the houses rise in terraces me above the other, the whole being crowned by the ruins of the castle. The interior of the town, however, is in many respects inconvenient and disagreeable, as many of the streets are so narrow and Bleep as almost to prevent horses and carriages from ascending them. But, on the other hand, the spirit of modern improvement has prevailed to a considerable extent, and many new streets and public buildings have been erected. There are three churches, a handsome guild hall, the gaol, and the keep of an ancient castle.

St. Davids, situated on the northern coast of St. Bride’s Bay, 16 miles to the north-west, has the remains of an extensive palace, one of six, of which this now much-despoiled see could once boast of, built by Bishop Gower. Its cathedral, which is cruciform, 200 feet by 120 feet, with fine tower, 127 feet, has been restored, and contains the shrine visited by Henry I. and Edward I. The road from Haverfordwest to St. Davids is the most execrable in the United Kingdom, but replete with scenery magnificently grand.

Distances of Places from the Station
To: Miles.
Abercastle 17¾
Abermause 17
Benton Castle 9
Bishop’s Palace at St. Davids 17¼
Cardigan 26
Carew Castle 15
Cathedral (St. Davids) 16½
Cromlech (2 miles) from Nevern Church 18
Devil’s Punch Bowl 20
Huntsman’s Leap 21
Pembroke Castle 11½
Penlan Castle 17
Picton Castle
Poyntz Castle 7
Roch Castle 6
Skower and Skokam Islands 12
Soloa Valley 8
St. Bride’s Bay 5
St. Davids 16
Walwin Castle 4

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