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Bradshaw’s Guide

A descriptive guide to Pembrokeshire

The surface of this county is, generally speaking, composed of easy slopes, but not mountainous, except a ridge of hills which runs from the coast to the border of Carmarthenshire. Pembroke cannot boast of being either a trading or a manufacturing county, though it possesses many facilities for commerce. The South Wales mineral basin terminates here, and becomes shallower as it approaches the extremity. The strata are raised near the surface, and then the quality is impaired.

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Featured places

  • Pembrokeshire : Pembroke

    The capital of the county. In conjunction with Tenby and two or three other little boroughs it returns one member to parliament.

  • Pembrokeshire : Tenby

    Tenby, on the coast of Pembrokeshire, was at a very remote period occupied by the ancient Britons as a fishing town, and is most romantically situated on the eastern and southern sides of a rocky peninsula, stretching out into the Bristol Channel.