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Bradshaw’s Guide

Narberth Road

(For Tenby)

Narberth is a small neat own in the county of Carmarthen, with a population of 2,546. It has the privilege of being represented in parliament in connection with the borough of Haverfordwest, Fishguard, and St. Davids.

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Places nearby

  • Carmarthenshire : Carmarthen

    Carmarthen is the capital of Carmarthenshire on the South Wales Railway, and the river Towey, with a population of 9,993. It is one of the most healthy towns, and commands a view of one of the finest vales in the principality.

  • Carmarthenshire : Kidwelly

    This is a small decayed borough, having a population of about 1,652, engaged principally as tin-workers.

  • Pembrokeshire : Pembroke

    The capital of the county. In conjunction with Tenby and two or three other little boroughs it returns one member to parliament.