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Bradshaw’s Guide

Bletchley to Bedford and Cambridge

The first station on this Branch being partly in the parish of Bletchley is quickly announed.

Buckinghamshire : Fenny Stratford

Fenny Stratford is in a once fenny part of the Ouzel, on the Watling Street, or Roman way, which crosses the Ouse.

Buckinghamshire : Woburn Sands

Woburn — situated on a gentle eminence — is surrounded with plantations and evergreens, and consists of four broad streets, which intersect each other at right angles.

Immediately after leaving this station we take our leave of the county of Bucks, and enter that of Bedford.

Ridgemont and Lidlington stations.

Bedfordshire : Ampthill

Ampthill Park, Lord Holland’s seat, 5¾ mile from the station, was the residence of Queen Catherine after her divorce from Henry VIII.

Bedfordshire : Bedford

The agricultural capital of Bedfordshire, 16 miles from Bletchley, at the terminus of a branch from the North Western line.

Blunham station.

Bedfordshire : Sandy

Sandy was formerly a military station. To the north-east is an immense hill called Caesar’s Camp, supposed to have been the spot where the Conqueror encamped, after sailing up the river Ivel, from Lyne.

Passing the stations of Gamlingay, Old North Road, and Lord’s Bridge, we very soon cross the River Cam, when the arrival of the train is announced at

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