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Bradshaw’s Guide

Bletchley to Wislow and Oxford

Banbury Branch

Winslow to Buckingham and Banbury

A distance of seven miles beyind the junction at Winslow brings us to the town of

Buckinghamshire : Buckingham

Buckingham has a population of 7,626: agriculture and lace making occupy their attention.

We now pass through a fiat country for about seven miles, watered by the river Ouse, over which the rails frequently cross. We then enter the county of Northampton, upon which the arrival of the train is announced at

We are now traversing the south western section of the fox-hunting county of Northampton, and, at the distance of 4f miles, arrive at the station of

Farthinghoe, in the vicinity of which the river Ouse takes its rise. Four miles further brings us to

Winslow to Oxford

Oxfordshire : Oxford

Oxford is the capital of the rich midland county of the same name, and one of the most ancient cities of England.

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