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Bradshaw’s Guide

Colwich to Stoke, Burton, and Derby

Colwich to Stoke

Staffordshire : Colwich

Colwich is a pretty village, with a population of about 1,600.

From Colwich to Stoke the line passes through a country of singular beauty, having almost the appearance of one continued park, and affording the traveller, amidst varied and lovely scenery, views of Shugborough Hall (a seat of the Earl of Lichfield), Sandon Hall (the Earl of Harrowby’s), Ingestre (Earl of Shrewsbury and Talbot’s), and many other objects of interest.

Passing Weston, Hixon, and Sandon stations, we arrive at

Staffordshire : Stone

Here are manufactures of shoes.

Junction of the line to Norton Bridge.

From Stone to the Potteries the scenery is scarcely less beautiful, including a view of the woods, &c., of Trentham (one of the seats of the Duke of Sutherland); Meaford Hall (Viscount St. Vincent’s), &c.

The line then passes within a near view of the various and very populous series of towns, known as the “Staffordshire Potteries.”

Passing Barlaston, we arrive at

Staffordshire : Trentham

Trentham Park, the Duke of Sutherland’s seat, on the river Trent, is of great extent; the old seat has been rebuilt by Sir J. Barry.

Staffordshire : Stoke

This is the busy capital of the Staffordshire Potteries.

Taking Stoke-upon-Trent as the centre, the North Staffordshire lines radiate in almost every direction; the main line from Colwich to Macclesfield going direct through the Potteries; the Derby and Crewe line, commencing at Crewe, falls into the Macclesfield and Colwich line at Harecastle. After traversing the Pottery Valley, it branches eastward from Stoke-upon-Trent, and falls into the Midland (Birmingham and Derby) at Burton-upon-Trent, where it unites with the South Staffordshire, Leicester, and Swannington lines. The Churnet Valley line leaves the Macclesfield and Colwich line at North Rode, about five miles south of the former place, and passing for about 27 miles through one of the loveliest vallies in England, unites with the Derby and Crewe line at Uttoxeter.

In addition to the direct Pottery line, there is the Biddulph Branch from Stoke, through Ford Green, Black Bull, and Gillow Heath, to Congleton.

Stoke to Burton and Derby

Leaving Stoke, we soon pass the station at Fenton, only used for local traffic between Longton and Hanley, and come to

Staffordshire : Longton

In the vicinity are Longton Hall, seat of H. Wileman, Esq., and Edmsor, where there is a handsome new church.

Then passing Blythe Bridge, Cresswell, and Leigh stations, we arrive at

Marchington station.

Staffordshire : Sudbury

Here is an old ivy-covered church, containing tombs of the Venions of Sudbury Hall, whose motto is “Yeimon semper viret.”

Staffordshire : Tutbury

Here are ruins of the King of Mercia’s Castle, rebuilt by John of Gaunt, in which Mary Queen of Scots was twice confined.

Derbyshire : Egginton

In the vicinity is Egginton Hall, seat of Sir H. Every, Bart.

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