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Bradshaw’s Guide

Cork to Bandon

By the (single line) rail to Bandon, the coast about Clonakilty, Skibbereen, Cape Clear, and Bantry Bay, may be visited; and thence Glengariff and Hungry Hill, with their magnificent scenery. At the last is one of the most remarkable waterfalls in the kingdom, rivalling the Staubbach, in Switzerland. Cars may be hired, but a pedestrian trip is the true way to enjoy and make oneself acquainted with the country. The constant drizzle is the chief drawback, but this gives Ireland its emerald green. It is said there that it never leaves off but on the 30th of February.

The line passes Waterfall, Ballinhassig, to the Junction Station.

At which point the branch of the railway, 10¾ miles long, runs to the left, via Farrangalway, to

County Cork : Kinsale

Kinsale contains a church (in which no townspeople will be married), with tombs of the Southwells, the ruins of Castle-in-Park, founded in 1334.

Upton and Brinny, in the vicinity of which are Brinny House, J. Nash, Esq.; Upton, the Rev. S. Payne.

Innoshannon Road, close to which are the ruins of Downdaniel and Shippool Castles. Here Fairs are held on May 29th and October 3rd; and in the vicinity are Innoshannon Road, seat of S. Adderley, Esq., and Firgrove, R. Quin, Esq., and then quickly proceed to

County Cork : Bandon

This place has a population of about 9,303, employed in the camlet stuff, linens, leather, flour, beer, and whisky trades.

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