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Bradshaw’s Guide

Mallow to Killarney and Tralee

Excursion to the Lakes of Killarney

Scotland, Wales, and the most beautiful districts of England, whatever may be their attractions, do not offer much novelty to the majority of men who, in the excursion period of the year, rush from smoky London and the cares of business to feast their eyes upon the beauty, and allow their lungs to inhale the fresh air, of the fields, lakes, and mountains. To such persons we recommend a trip to Ireland, and the lovely Lakes of Killarney. The journey has been rendered comparatively moderate in cost, and convenient as regards time, by the arrangements of the London and North Western Railway Company. The directors issue excursion tickets for the entire journey there and back, giving the tourist fourteen days for the trip, and make all necessary arrangements with the Irish South Western Railway Company for passing him on to his destination.

From Dublin to Killarney is a distance of 186 miles. From a railway train the traveller can, in general, get only partial and unsatisfactory glimpses of the country on either side of him; but such views as are obtained will impress the tourist on this route with the beauty of the scenery and the fertility of the soil. The course of the railway is through the counties of Dublin, Kildare, Queen’s County, the “nether tip” of King’s County, Tipperary, Limerick, Cork, and Kerry.

From Mallow Junction the line proceeds to Lombardstown, thence to

Kanturk, which has an old castle belonging to the M’Carthys, erected on the river Blackwater, 120 feet by 80. Fairs are held here on March 17th, May 4th, July 4th, September 29th, November 31st, and December 11th, and Markets on Saturdays, (Yelverton, Lord Avonrnore, wras a native).

Mill Street.—Markets are held here on Thursdays, and Fairs on January 6th, March 1st and 12th, June 1st, September 1st, and December 26th.

Shinnagh and Headford stations.

County Kerry : Killarney

The Lakes of Killarney are three in number — the Upper, the Tore (or Middle), and the Lower; these, with their islands and other attractive objects, we shall briefly describe.

Having now explored the beauties of Killarney, the tourist may continue his railway course northward, via Farranfore, to the town of Tralee. This forms part of a favourite route from Dublin to Killarney, viá Limerick, Foynes, the Shannon, Tarbert and Tralee, for the accomplishment of which great facilities by way of return tickets are offered in the summer months.

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