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Bradshaw’s Guide

Croydon to Epsom

Epsom Branch

Presuming that our traveller is intended for Epsom, we proceed by the line of rails past Croydon town station, and pass by the pretty little village of Beddington, and the time-honoured seat of the Carews, thence to the station at

Proceeding thense, we come to Sutton, 1½ mile from which is the Oaks, giving its name to the race, the seat of the Earl of Derby.

A short line of railway runs hence by California, across Banstead Downs, a range of hills commanding some very pretty and extensive scenery, at the foot of which is the station of Banstead. It extends to Epsom Downs, in the immediate neighbourhood of the Race Course.

Cheam. — This little village lies on our right, and near to it are the remains of Nonsuch Palace, built with great magnificence by Henry VIII., and the scene of gay revels in the days of Queen Elizabeth.

Ewell. — A small town with some little trade, and a very large sheep fair.

Surrey : Epsom

This place is interesting in many points of view, but more especially for its celebrated race-course.

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