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Bradshaw’s Guide

Croydon to Wimbledon

Croydon and Wimbledon Branch

The first stations being Beddington and Mitcham, both on the river Wandle. The church of the latter is worth a visit. We then approach the station of Morden, near which is Merton, possessing much historical interest. Here are the remains of a rich abbey founded for St. Augustine Canons; and here Ethelred I. was defeated by the Danes, 871, and received his death wound. Here were enacted “the provisions of Merton,” in the reign of Henry III.; and here the glorious Nelson lived. The church is partly of Norman, and partly of the early English styles. Morden Park, ½ mile.

Surrey : Wimbledon

Wimbledon was formerly celebrated in the annals of duelling, a practice which has now been discountenanced and condemned by that general spirit of good feeling and sense which now happily pervades all classes of the community.

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