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Bradshaw’s Guide

Hayward’s Heath to Lewes and Newhaven

Newhaven Branch

The line passes through an undulating, and in some places a hilly, country to

Cook’s Bridge, in the vicinity of which is Coneyburrow Park. We have here a full view of the lofty range of the south downs, the highest point of which, Ditching Beacon, a little to the right, is 858 feet above the sea.

Sussex : Lewes

Lewes is a borough town in the county of Sussex, and one of the largest and most important in the whole county.

Uckfield Branch

Lewes to Uckfield
From Lewes this line, 7 miles long, passes through the villages of Barcombe and Isfield to

Sussex : Newhaven

Newhaven, formerly a very obscure port or fishing town at the mouth of the river Ouse, is now a rising place, and become of some importance, as the port of communication between London, Dieppe, and Paris.

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