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Bradshaw’s Guide

Hereford to Hay and Brecon

From Hereford we pass the stations of Credenhill, Moorhampton, and Kinnersley, to Eardisley, a place situated on the tramway from Brecon to Kington, and at which arc remains of a very old castle. The line now begins to take a south-westerly direction to the station at Whitney, then crosses the tortuous and beautiful Wye, and, sweeping along the base of a ridge of hills to the left, enters the town of

Brecknockshire : Hay

An old Norman town, founded by Bernard Newmarch; part of the castle remains, which was destroyed by Owen Glyndwr.

Glasbury, 4 miles.

Three Cocks, at which is a good inn. This station forms the junction with the North Western section of the Brecon and Merthyr line, and affords a valuable opportunity to the tourist to visit the romantic and hitherto almost inaccessible districts of the upper Wye. In the immediate vicinity are Gwyrnefed, Colonel Wood’s seat, and Maeslwch Castle, the property of Captain De Winton. W. Wilkins took the name of De Winton many years ago.

On returning to Three Cocks Junction, we proceed via the stations of Talgarth and Talyllyn Junction, to

Brecknockshire : Brecon

This place is situated in the midst of very beautiful mountain scenery, has a population of 5,235, returning one member to parliament.

From Brecon we again return to the junction, at Tallyllyn, 4¼ miles; we then pass viâ Talybont, 2¾ miles, and Dolygaer, 8¾ miles, to Dowlais or Pant, 3½ miles, the present termination of the railway in this direction. Coaches run in connection with the trains to

Glamorganshire : Merthyr Tydvil

Merthyr Tydvil is a parliamentary borough, and great mining town, in South Wales, 21 miles from Cardiff, with which there is railway communication by a branch out of the South Wales line.

in about ¾ of an hour.

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