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Bradshaw’s Guide

First Route: Ryde to Newchurch

Isle of Wight : Ryde

Ryde is a beautiful bathing place, sloping to the sea, 25 minutes (by steam) from Portsmouth, across Spithead.

Isle of Wight : Brading

Brading, a decayed place, with an old Town Hall near the church, in which are the monuments of the Oglanders of Nunwell.

Isle of Wight : Sandown

Sandown, a bathing place, with a fine sweep of sandy beach, and an old fort.

Isle of Wight : Shanklin

A beautiful retreat hid away among trees and corn-fields in summer, close to a chine or gash in the cliff, filled in with shrubs and trees, with a good beach for bathing and walking on below.

The railway at present (1865) terminates at this point. The rest of the way to Ventnor must be travelled by coach.

Isle of Wight : Bonchurch

Bonchurch, so called because the church is dedicated to St. Boniface.

Isle of Wight : Ventnor

This capital of Undercliff had no existence 40 years ago, but is now a respectable town, owing to its delightful situation in front of the sea, and being protected by the cliffs behind.

From Ventnor to Black Gang the road winds along through Undercliff, among rocks, gardens, fields, seats, farm-houses, &c., dispersed most picturesquely about in a rocky ledge or strand formed by successive landslips from the neighbouring cliff, which rises up like a wall on your right, 100 to 150 feet high, the road itself being nearly as much above the sea, to your left. It is worth while to walk along the edge of this cliff for the sake of the panorama to be obtained of the scene below. Do lot take this path at Ventnor, as it may be reached by leaving the road near St. Lawrence’s Well, and walking up the steps cut in the face of the cliff. A footpath also winds close to the sea out of sight of the road.

Isle of Wight : St. Lawrence

There is a spring of deliriously cool water on the road side, under an alcove. The church is a pretty little rustic building, with the grave-yard planted with flowers.

Isle of Wight : Niton

Niton has an old church, a little inland from the road, to the right. The seat of Sir J. W. Gordon, Bart, is passed before you come to this turning.

Isle of Wight : Chale

Blackgang Chine is a gap in the cliff, which hangs over the beach in Chale Bay. It is bare and somewhat dark-looking, with an iron spring trickling through it.

Isle of Wight : Newchurch

Newchurch, with its white spire, stands at the end of a short village, near the stream which runs into Brading harbour.

First Route
To: Miles.
Ryde to Brading 4
Brading to Sandown 2
Sandown to Shanklin 3
Shanklin to Succombe 2
Succombe to Bonchurch 1
Bonchurch to Ventnor 2
Ventnor to St. Lawrence 2
St. Lawrence to Niton 3
Niton to Blackgang 2
Blankgang to Gatcombe 4
Gatcombe to Ryde 8
N.B. — Blackgang to Freshwater 14½

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