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Bradshaw’s Guide

London, Brighton and South Coast Railway

The London and Brighton Railway is 50½ miles in length, and traverses a considerable portion of the counties of Surrey and Sussex.

The Brighton Company was the first to commence running excursion trains, which are now provided by most of the other companies throughout the United Kingdom, as affording a profitable source of revenue to the companies, and being the means of “popularising” the towns, localities, and scenery in connection with the respective lines.

Railways may now be considered as accelerators of pleasure as well as of business, bringing as they do the most favourite watering places along the coast within the compass of a brief and agreeable journey. Of these mediums of transit, we know of few more inviting to the tourist than the one we are about to describe, passing as it does, through a succession of the most varied and diversified scenery, fraught with a host of welcome associations, and terminating at a sea-side town, which fashion in pursuit of pleasure has justly selected for a marine residence.

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